Providing bioinformatics services for the genomics leaders

We offer a full suite of bioinformatics services for your specific genomic needs.  Our bioinformatic scientists and engineers have the expertise and experience working with the top companies in the genomics space.

Algorithm Development:

Our bioinformatics team is trained in the multiple programming languages and has experience in developing algorithms from metagenomic to human genomics. From simple questions of sequencing performance to more complex problems of variant calling, our team’s expertise can provide the answers you are searching for.

Bioinformatic Pipeline Development:

We use in-house or preferred third-party tools and platforms to create a pipeline suitable to client needs. SMEDIX can help with everything from De-multiplexing your data through final analysis, including software development, verification and validation of the pipeline, and software documentation of your products for IVD submission.

Genomic Analysis and Data Visualization

We understand analysis and interpretation of genomic data can be more difficult than generating and managing the data. Visualization of this data is equally important to ensure ease of interpretation and presentation.  Our Bioinformatics team can help.

  • Base Calling
  • ChIP-Seq Analysis
  • Comparative Genome Analysis
  • Custom scripting and special projects
  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Exome Analysis
  • Genome Annotation
  • Genome Mapping
  • Metagenomic Analysis
  • Methylation Analysis
  • Microbiome Analysis
  • Read Filtering and Cleaning
  • Small RNA Annotation
  • Small RNA Mapping
  • SNV / Indel Calling
  • SNV / Indel Mapping
  • SNV /CNV Discovery
  • Targeted Capture Analysis
  • Transcriptome Annotation
  • Transcriptome de novo Assembly
  • Transcriptome Mapping
  • Variant Annotation
  • Whole Genome de novo Assembly

Bioinformatics Software V&V:

At SMEDIX, we are proud to adhere to IEC 62304 compliant and FDA compliant software development and V&V processes. Projects ranging from a component of the software to the whole pipeline, our bioinformatics V&V team will execute on your needs. With years of experience in risk analysis, requirements engineering, unit testing, integration testing, and ad-hoc testing, we can ensure your software will be of the highest quality and well documented for your Engineering and QA/RA departments.

Bioinformatics Pipeline Overview

Bioinformatics Pipeline Overview

Pipeline ANALYSIS & DATA Visualization