Keep your business environment safe

Create a safer work environment in addition to using ”Protective Gear” and Social Distancing Measures and be able to:

  • Be well prepared to act should the spread roar back up as we scale back up onsite
  • Maximize staff working on site without compromising safety
  • Have a system in place that minimizes the risk of getting infected within the workplace
  • Work effectively across all facilities without limitations (Buildings, floors, other locations)
  • Have a quick response system based on complete and accurate interaction data
  • Monitor risk and avoid further spread at the workplace should someone onsite is confirmed

Using Beacons and Mobile APP strategically deployed based on business operations to determine potential exposure after an employee was confirmed with the COVID-19 virus by capturing the following data at a secure Cloud location:

  • All other employees or visitors they interacted with
  • All equipment that employee used
  • All locations within your facility that employee visited
  • All inventory items that Employee handled ( as needed)

Collect data based to determine risk level and create action plan to eliminate further spread by contact tracing employees before they are confirmed positive for the virus. The action plan can be a set appropriate / targeted mitigation plan(s) based on data collected.


  • Activated when employee walks into a geofence area
  • Uses Beacon IDs to track employee contact points (Other personnel, Equipment used, Areas Visited)
  • Upload “Raw Data” to Cloud (Contact Point (Beacon ID, distance, duration, frequency)

Cloud Database / Application

  • Identify Potential Exposure Risk score based on Distance, frequency, Total Duration of “close contact”
    • (1st degree / High Risk) direct contract with the employee
    • (2nd Degree / Moderate Risk) 2nd Degree Exposure ( exposure to High Risk employee)
    • (No risk)
  • Runs on iOS / Android mobile devices
  • Interface with Beacons via Bluetooth
  • App runs in background
  • No action needed by user
  • User able to see
    o Beacons Nearby
    o Beacons interaction history

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