A flexible cloud platform designed for comprehensive instrument management

A cloud-based solution to interface medical equipment for remote device management.  SMEDIX has developed an elegant and easy-to-use solution customized to meet your device’s specific workflow and use cases.

  • Access – Safe and secure accessibility

  • Configuration Management – real-time and accurate

  • Cloud – Easy, secure and scalable integration

  • Test Utilization – Determine true test utilization for active account management

  • Reporting – Dashboard of all deployed instruments with KPIs

  • Maintenance & Service – Predict failure modes and proactively conduct smart servicing

  • Compliance – De-identification engine for compliance with HIPPA and GDPR

  • Device Monitoring – Active monitoring and real-time alerts for deviations

  • Service Level Agreement Monitoring – Actively monitor your test turnaround times

  • Device Geo-location – Map your device fleet globally

Smedix Remote Cloud Solution
Smedix Remote Solution Dashboard

The platform is designed to meet the needs of your service team providing access to instrument performance data securely and efficiently while also providing your commercial organization with an active dashboard view into the real-time instrument performance, utilization and account information.  

Maximize your instrument up-time with active management while enhancing your customer support capabilities and reducing your overall instrument cost to serve. Centralized result data repository can offer customizable epidemiology reporting and analytics. 

Smedix Remote Solution Chart
Smedix Remote Solution Map View

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