Leverage the Power of Data to Improve Patient Care and WorkflowMedical Data Analytics Services

Medical data analytics services and health IT analytics solutions provide critical information that aid patient care effort and improve existing medical services. Healthcare data analytics solutions provide critical information that allows hospitals to improve treatment and diagnosis, reduce costs, and predict outbreaks.

Who We AreLeaders in Medical Data Analytics

We are a medical device software company that provides medical data analytics services and health analytics solutions. We leverage state-of-the-art technology, including AI software development, to meet evolving needs and boost quality and performance of hospital procedures, including research and development efforts, patient care quality, as well as business management.


Why Choose UsWe Provide Our Clients With Tailored Services

Our data analytics services provide solutions for a broad range of medical businesses on both the macro and micro level. With SMEDIX, you can advance your healthcare business by analyzing current and historical industry data, studying key market insights that predict trends, as well as learning how to better manage the spread of diseases. Additionally, analytics services not only enhance patient care and treatments, but also improve business management efforts. Our mission is to boost the quality of your product by applying leading technologies, including artificial intelligence development and health IT analytics, combined with extensive expertise and genuine passion.

Real-time healthcare data

Valuable and updated information, available on the go. Take advantage of real-time medical data and improve treatments, care quality and diagnostic performance for your patients with evidence-based data.

Superior efficiency

By assessing key metrics across various departments, you unlock new opportunities in order to improve clinical procedures. Reliable data sets not only enhance patient care, but considerably improve overall healthcare efficiency and quality.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Leverage predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities to enhance medical efforts and disease management, as well as to scale your medical inventory based on the rise or fall of demand.

Business intelligence

Use intuitive tools to identify new opportunities and gain a competitive edge over the competition. Tracking key performance indicators to better understand strengths and weaknesses of your business should be part of your growth strategy.

Operations Management

Streamlining operational procedures and having everything run smoothly is key in any hospital. Track crucial metrics and generate reports with precise information relating to patient care, appointments, rates, and more.

What We OfferHealthcare Analytics Solutions Provided by SMEDIX

Our goal is to accelerate innovation in healthcare through partnerships that allow us to create custom and high-quality health IT analytics solutions. Our passion for technology and medicine, coupled with our patient-oriented approach, distinguishes us in an already-saturated market, and drives us to always deliver enhanced medical services to our clients.

We continuously strive to provide our clients with ever-evolving data analytics services. Our medical device development team crafts tailored medical analytics software solutions that improve connectivity, patient-care, and workflow. We understand that a one-size-fits-all service does not exist, and we strive to deliver solutions that cater to unique business needs. SMEDIX offers a variety of solutions proven to boost both productivity and functionality within any medical business.


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