Improve Workflows and Patient CareHealthcare Interoperability Solutions

Healthcare interoperability allows seamless communication and valuable information exchange between a multitude of healthcare devices, patients, and physicians. Interoperability also ensures the smooth synchronization of data in a coordinated matter and it bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, which is essential for an optimized day-to-day workflow.

Who We AreLeaders in Health IT Interoperability & Cloud Computing Solutions

We are a passionate team of healthcare software developers that provide device integration and interoperability in healthcare. At SMEDIX, our team is dedicated to creating a reliable digital bridge between medical devices, healthcare professionals, and patients. Establishing connections and sharing key information across systems, health staff, providers, and apps is crucial in healthcare, and interoperability can facilitate this.

Why Choose UsWe Craft Tailored Solutions that Improve Patient Care

We offer a variety of solutions proven to boost both functionality and productivity within any healthcare business. Our goal is to accelerate innovation through genuine partnerships that allow us to create custom and high-quality healthcare interoperability solutions. The SMEDIX team uses resourceful techniques and strategies to bring you the best products possible, from health IT interoperability to web services interoperability.

Our passion for technology and medicine, coupled with our patient-oriented approach, distinguishes us in an already-saturated market and drives us to always deliver enhanced healthcare services to our clients. We craft tailored solutions that improve patient care, connectivity, and workflow. We know that a one-size-fits-all service does not exist, and that’s why we strive to deliver solutions that cater to unique business needs.

Better connectivity

Interoperability connects healthcare teams, as well as multiple systems and digital devices, fostering better communication, coordination, and information exchange.

Improved patient care

Access to historic patient data allows doctors to improve the diagnostic process, and make accurate decisions when it comes to treatments and care.

Seamless communication

Interoperability ensures smooth synchronization between devices, breaking regional and national barriers through connectivity.

Access to real-time data

Insight on key data and statistics can optimize interventions, help healthcare professionals detect patterns, as well as prevent conditions with early interventions.

Improved security

As everything is digital, physical records are eliminated and data exchange becomes more secure. A secure cloud allows both doctors and patients to view files privately.

Heightened accuracy

Up-to-date information minimizes errors and delays, allowing professionals to share information in an organized way, streamlining processes and procedures.

What We OfferInteroperability Solutions

With SMEDIX, you can advance your healthcare business by having the ability to foster connections across multiple devices, care centers, or pharmacies. Thousands of health records are exchanged electronically by healthcare professionals every day, and our solutions help you keep track of this valuable data by utilizing top-tier interoperability and cloud computing services. In addition, with our LIS Interface Solution, you can leverage robust connectivity and rapid scalability, with a point-to-point interface. Our mission is to boost the quality of your product by applying leading technologies, including healthcare data interoperability, combined with extensive expertise and genuine passion.

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