Take Your Business to the Next Level with SMEDIXHealthcare Systems Engineering Solutions

State-of-the-art healthcare devices need accurate and advanced solutions. At SMEDIX, we tackle comprehensive engineering challenges to ensure proper functionality and reliability. Our team provides bespoke medical software services that cater to your unique business and patient needs. From medical system analysis to product architecture and risk management, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Who We AreIndustry Leaders in Healthcare Engineering

SMEDIX works closely with your team to understand unique business needs and identify challenges, and we use this insight to design solutions that fit your long-term strategy. Our core goal is to utilize our capabilities and expertise to reduce risk, optimize results, and enhance the performance of your business.


Our ServicesTransform Your Healthcare Business With Innovative Systems Engineering Services

Innovative, secure, and optimized medical software solutions are our bread and butter. We enhance the quality of your products by applying leading technologies, combined with extensive expertise and genuine passion. Comprehensive and accurate system analysis and development are crucial in the healthcare industry, and making sure core challenges are met is at the forefront of our mission. We partner with you to develop medical infrastructure improvement strategies and systems engineering services that transform your business.

Product Architecture

We check and analyze your product's functional data and the way core elements interact, as well as how the function of a product is allocated to physical components.

System Analysis

System Analysis is the process of collecting information, identifying problems, and solving these issues to ensure proper functionality and increased efficiency.

Trade-Off Studies

To support better decision-making, we offer the most viable technical solutions when it comes to the performance requirements of your business.

Requirements Engineering

Gather information to maintain proper functionality and meet system requirements. We gain insights and implement solutions to ensure high functionality.

Dependency Analysis

We analyze the relationships between software, firmware, hardware, and assay subsystems for a better understanding of how your processes work.

Continuous Integration (DevOps)

We offer continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure the healthy lifecycle of your medical software, through state-of-the-art development tools and IT software.

Safety & Technical Risk Analysis

SMEDIX provides tools to properly identify the safety requirements of digital healthcare operations and processes for smooth functionality.

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